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The bakery master Rüdiger Hauffe had the idea of finding advertising messages by means of a stencil and food color on rolls had more ago than four years.

What had happened, from the simple roll this has to be bought at every baker's, had become an advertising medium all of a sudden.

Bakery master Rüdiger Hauffe is holder of a patent today which provides exactly this method under protection . Also you can a simple but brilliant idea use this one drawing one's attention to himself. Or you are bakers and want to give your customers the possibility of being of use this unusual type for the advertising. In the two cases you consult us.

Be able to dot in our Shop buy decoration set us, this up it on a roll open pass your own message for the users made possible.

For the sales we still are looking for sales strong professionals.

We have transferred the corporate centre of our society to the USA consciously around firstly International to be and secondly, about Interesting Private Placement investors for us.

With best regards to you
Your IFD team



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